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Ala Cappadocia Restaurant

Alâ Cappadocia Restaurant  & Lounge is a comfortable, Anatolian style restaurant offering everything you love about Cappadocia cuisine.

Alâ Cappadocia Restaurant & Lounge features classic Cappadocian main course  such as Testi (pottery) kebap and Turkish Raviolia (mantı), as well as fresh salads and juicy hamburgers made with fresh-ground beef and more choices.

Alâ Cappadocia Restaurant & Lounge by Anatolian Houses Hotel & Spa;

We have inspired by the way of life in the cave formations of the ancient societies. Anatolian Houses offers a unique atmosphere intertwined with history, art, beauty, Turkish culinary and a sense of well-being!

Ala Cappadocia Restaurant
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